United States Response to WTO regarding Antigua and Barbuda

The United States has responded to the continued dispute with Antigua and Barbuda that has been come what pushed below the radar over the past few years. Antigua and Barbuda is intending to again put the dispute in front off the Dispute Settlement Body of the World Trade Organization. Antigua and Barbuda had done this in December of last year but was prevented from doing so.

The High Commissioner for London from Antigua and Barbuda was not pleased but has had the matter moved to January’s meeting. It is expected to see Antigua and Barbuda present proposals regarding which a number of outstanding issues. The U.S reacted swiftly calling the matter an act of government piracy. It maintains the breach on copyright is an oversight on and that the U.S was unaware that Online Gambling was included in the list of services that it covered and had accepted the World Trade Organizations obligations regarding the matter.

The U.S further claims to have made settlement offers that were rejected by Antigua and Barbuda and therefore their actions were retaliatory in nature. The main dispute lies with the U.S government enacting laws that place a ban on anything relating to online gambling. Antigua and Barbuda were one of the first to register objections to this law and claim violation of the WTO agreement. It states this law has resulted in a devastating effect on their economy and resulted in thousands of jobs being lost. Antigua and Barbuda believe the resolution between the two countries is at a crossroads and has requested enforcement of the World Trade Organizations decision be enforced.

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