Triple 7s Blackjack Rules

Triple 7's BlackjackSlot machine players are not the only players who get the adrenaline rush of an advancing jackpot but blackjack players also get the instant rush of a bigger chance to win instant cash depending on what game of blackjack you choose to play.

One of these games that give you the chance to win instant cash is Triple 7s Blackjack though to get that moment where you can win big requires you to put a required side bet that’ll give you a chance to also win extra bonus payouts. It should be known to you the player that these bonuses will payout rather your base hand loses or wins.

Decks Used: Triple 7s Blackjack has five decks of cards to be played

These are some of the rules relating to splitting. You are able to split cards that are of equal value. You won’t be able to split any cards that have an equal value of each other for example queens, kings, jacks and tens. These hands could only be split when two of the same matching cards in your hand.

If you were to split an ace than only one of these card will be given to you for each ace you have. If you were lucky enough to get a card valued at ten that this would consider a twenty one and would not be considered. When you have split your cards you must make a bet that is equal to the bet you made for your original hand.

Double Downing Rules:

In this blackjack game you’re able to double down the numbers of 11, 10 or a 9. After you have double downed only one other card shall be dealt to you afterwards.

Dealer: The dealer of the game will constantly stand on a hand of seventeen offering you insurance during the game to you the player. You as an online player should know that the deck is always shuffled prior to each game played.

Payouts: The insurance winning bet pays a two to one while the blackjack winnings pay a three to two.

One of these following bonuses available to you demand that you make a side bet. If you were to be given one of these hands you would be dealt whether you win or lose.

3 7’s in the same suit of diamonds wins all the money.

3 7’s of the same suits will win one thousand dollars.

3 7’s of separate suits win two hundred and fifty dollars.

2 7’s of the same suits will win fifty dollars.

2 7’s of different suits will win twenty five dollars.

Generally triply seven blackjacks should and can mostly be played only on a microgaming software running casino. Due to the progressive nature of the microgaming software you will never be able to play a free mode but only play with real money so try to keep that in mind if you are not willing to spend. You might be able to find a rip off game that pretty much mimics the game but it’ll be no where near the same quality as the microgaming powered game.

Triple 7’s Blackjack can be played at 32Red Casino.

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