Review of Cashanova Video Slot

cashanovaCashanova is video slot that is available under the Microgaming software. It is a standard 30 line slot that includes 5 reels.  It has a number of extra things included to try to help you win more often like multipliers, wild symbols, free spins, scatters and some bonus games. The most you can win in this game is $37,500, which is a pretty decent amount.

The game is based around some silly chickens that apparently are rich and living the good life. The slot has some solid graphics that are have nice details and a good selection of color. Those who enjoy cartoon styled slots will see the value in this slot as it does take on that feel to it and leave you with a impression of humor based on how the characters look and so forth. Generally most slots today look to being the biggest so a slot like Cashanova is refreshing to play as it goes back to a time when slots were designed to be fun to look at versus geared towards being all about the features.

Cashanova will allow you to place bets within a range that can be as low as a penny per line and as much as a quarter per line. Those of you looking to place some big bets will enjoy the opportunity to betas much as $75 per spin and those who prefer to bet small can spin for as little as $0.30 per spin. This is a decent range that allows you to start low and increase your bets if you are in the mood. There are some great choices for the symbols that have been used in Cashanova. These include a chicken called Henrietta who lives the life of luxury as well as the mansion she lives in, water fountains, champagne and much more.  There are other symbols like fruit, a smoking pipe and corn husks.

The slot has some special features built into it. One of those is a wild symbol that will match any of the other slot symbols that the game offers butt will not match the scatter or the bonus game symbol. There is a scatter symbol as well which is a great addition to any slot as when it lands on the reels it pays based on your wager and not simply a coin win. In Cashanova if you get five of them you win 100 times the amount you bet.

There is a barn bonus game that takes you to the farmers bard where you pick from a bunch of items in the bard to win a cash prize. If you find the key behind one of those items you go to the next stage that will have you presenting a gift to that chicken Henrietta and depending on how she likes it you will win some extra cash. The other bonus is some free spins that can be won. These are excellent and include 15 free spins with all wins being multiplied by 5.

This is one game that should be played for many reasons. Visit a Cashanova casino today and enjoy!

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