Playing Blackjack Online with Live Dealers

Live Dealer Blackjack
The newest trend coming from online casinos is the additional of live dealer casinos. Live dealer casinos are broadcast direct from a land based casino or live from a live gaming studio. There was a time when the idea of live dealer games online was just a dream, some thought impossible but now it is not only a reality is it is one of the fastest growing sides to online gaming. So much so that new games such as slots etc. are being looked at to incorporate into the live dealer casinos.

One of the more popular games played at live casinos is blackjack. Currently live casinos really only offer blackjack, baccarat, poker and roulette for live dealer games. Being that blackjack is the more popular of these games it is easy to relate to why blackjack is played more. The difference between live blackjack and regular online blackjack is vast. First you are playing with a live dealer who will deal the cards, interact with you and the other players that are seated at the table. Second you get the advantage of being able to view all angles of the blackjack table, the dealing of the cards, shuffling and more. You get to hear the sounds and sights of other players and enjoy the sense of being in a real casino playing blackjack. The other difference is of course you are able to enjoy this from your home.

The added excitement this brings to the game is a valuable asset for many. It allows players to get a sense of the cards, a feel for the dealer and apply strategy based on those tells they are picking up on. Live dealer blackjack tends to be played out slower than that experienced online. That is due to the fact that the dealing of the cards, shuffling etc. is done by a real person and not automated software. This alone allows for better bankroll management let alone the ability to make better decisions with each hand played. It is actually common to see people using the full time they are given in live blackjack before they make their decisions on how they intend to act. The average allotted time is 15 seconds, which may not seem a lot of time but actually is a fair amount. It also allows other players who have yet to act to have a longer time period to ponder their decision and therefore better positioned to apply blackjack strategy.

There are a number of different live casino software companies offering live dealer games and that number is increasing incredibly fast. All the major software companies such as Playtech and Microgaming have entered into this area and are seeing tremendous results, both from those who license the software and from those who play using it. It is expected to see continued growth in this egaming sector over the coming years as new and improved technology is released.

If you have yet to experience live blackjack you may wish to consider it. It is apparent that those who do often will not return to playing online blackjack and will favor live dealer blackjack for all of the reasons above and more.

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