Online gambling raid in Indonesia – 10 arrests

Online gambling raid in Indonesia – 10 arrests
The authorities from Indonesia have arrested 6 women and a man after being accused of running an illegal online gambling website. They were all charged with money laundering and illegal gambling.

The police sources are saying that the 6 persons running this illegal website were able to see a daily turnover of around $5,200.

It all started when a police officer joined the illegal online gambling website in order to make sure that this website was really offering online gambling services where real money was wagered.

The concept behind the website was simple as any other casino out there. You could make a deposit and you would be given coins that can be used to gamble over the internet and you always have the possibility to cash out the coins and have it transferred straight to your bank account.

There were around 200-300 players registered from Jakarta. The police managed to find the owners of the website really easy by tracing the IP number and just raided the house that was located in Batam, Riau Islands.

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