New Jersey Sees Casino Games Popularity Rise

New Jersey now stands as a benchmark to all other states in the US which hope to offer state legal wide online gambling. Even though Delaware and Nevada both offer online gambling as well, they’ve not been able to reach the heights of popularity that New Jersey has. Today the Division for Gaming Enforcement in New Jersey was pleased to reveal that casino games revenue have risen by 36%.

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In this revilement they noted that for the month of October, the state of New Jersey was able to see revenues rise by $12.9 Million due to casino games. The most popular games played this month was Blackjack with video poker falling slightly behind it. The Borgata Resort had the best performance of the month, having a total of 52% of the market for the month of October. This allowed for them to earn $6.45 Million in extra profit for the month of October.

Online poker though it is popular in the state, is continuing to fall in popularity. This month alone it fell by 3% compared to the last year. The Garden State currently doesn’t have any plans in order to increase its popularity of online poker. There are rumors indicating that they could be in talks with Nevada & other potential states that’ll be legalizing online gambling in the future to merge their poker industries together as one. This could prove to be profitable but also difficult in terms of splitting revenues between both states.

Nonetheless, Blackjack is continuing to sail in popularity in New Jersey. Its revenues is up by 36% compared to the same time last years, it the most played and rising game in the state. This’ll only mean far better blackjack experiences in the future for New Jersey punters.

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