MGM Lowers Vegas Blackjack Table Payouts

MGM Grand Casino, one of the most famed casinos on the Las Vegas Strip has revealed that their lowering the Blackjack table payouts. This has come as a shock to all but it’s not surprising when looking at the figures, profit wise, MGM has barely made in with their blackjack tables in the last twelve months. Lowering the payouts & bets will allow for more profit to be brought it.

MGM Grand Casino1

This is done by lowering the payouts more than lowering the bets. Unlike the regular 3-2 payouts for blackjack tables, it’s not a 6-5 payout. This means players are only going to win 1x the amount that they wagered, essentially half of double a payout. This makes it incredibly harder for the player to turn a profit but not the casino.

This action & announcement has already been taken negatively by blackjack gamblers whom frequent MGM. Those high rollers & regular players are said to already be going to other casinos for a preferred payout. This’ll cause for a dent in MGM’s new scheme, they’ll lose profits as these regular players occasionally win big but more than often lose big.

It’ll be interesting to see if the blackjack tables at MGM Grand Casino will be less populated in the coming weeks and months. It’s suspected that they will be as anyone whom knows blackjack thoroughly knows that the payouts make a major difference on the game. You are playing against a dealer, a dealer whom is trained to make you lose. There are other casinos such as the Bellagio, the Luxor, the Aria and many others.

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