Half year results from Interwetten

The online sports betting website Interwetten has just published the financial results for the first half of the year 2013. As you are about to read you can see some higher revenues and the fact that the mobile betting is now able to bring around 40% of the revenues that they have.

The first and most important indicators that you can see at the report of this online sports betting company is the fact that the profit managed to grow significantly and went from €1 million up to €2.2 million. This is a huge rise in profits with more than 100%. This is nothing that you see every day at an online sports betting company, especially when you are dealing with millions of euros.

At the same time the revenue hasn’t changed a lot and it is now situated up by 5%, if you compare it with the same time period of last year and it is now situated at €19.7 million. One of the main reasons why you can notice some large mobile revenues is the fact that Interwetten has just introduced the mobile casino app at the beginning of this year.

The Interwetten is an interesting online gambling company that was initially founded back in 1990. The site is now very popular thanks to the sports betting services that are available. Right now they have expanded a lot their businesses and everything is licensed in Malta.

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