Gambling laws may change in Mexico

Mexico currently is looking at creating new laws that will govern those who offer betting services within Mexico to its residence. The Institutional Revolutionary Party is looking into legislation that may affect those operators. The current session began on the 1st of September and this will be address during this session.

It appears that Mexico wants to enact legislation similar to that created in New Jersey whereby only those who operate land casinos in Mexico will be able to obtain licensing for internet betting services. At this point in time there is more than four hundred different land based casinos in Mexico and that has been the driving force from a revenue stand point and will likely be what dictates the outcome relating to licensing and the revenue Mexico can generate from it.

One Senator, Verónica Martínez Espinos, is under the belief that the time has come to make changes that will reform gambling within Mexico and that the current law needs to be removed. The hope is that legislation will include underage protection, gambling problem protocols, the enforcement of licensing and regulations pertaining to complaints from consumers.

It will be seen how this progresses over the current session.

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