Amaya Gaming has excellent year in 2012

Amaya Gaming, who is based in Montreal Canada, just released results for the year 2012. It shows a large increase in revenue and an overall strong close to the 2012 calendar year.

Some of the areas Amaya saw positive results include overall revenue at $76.45 million, which was an increase of $58 million from the previous year. This was mostly from its operations within North America and the Caribbean. They also reported a staggering 98% profit of $75.2 million. This is one of the best within the industry and shows that Amaya is a well run company.

They reported operating costs that amounted to $6.5 million towards marketing and sales. This was an increase of eight percent. Administrative costs rose substantially to $14.7 million and that represents an increase of 350%. There were also financial costs reports resulting from the Cryptologic acquisition as well as costs relating to the planned merger with Cadillac Jack.

Amaya Gaming is in a strong position to see continued growth through their products and other acquisitions within the industry.

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