AGEM Partners Up With iGaming

iGaming, a North American software developer announced they have made a partnership deal with the AGEM (Association of Gaming Equipment Manufactures). The announcement was made at a international online gambling conference which is the best time iGaming could of announced their new partnership.

The Association of Gaming Equipment Manufactures represents a large portion of the international trade association. AGEM created slot machines, table games, card games and more for land based casinos. The majority of casino games you play at a land based casino worldwide has been created or influenced by AGEM.

The Executive Director for AGEM Marcus Prater commented on the new partnership saying, “The Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers (AGEM) now supports the iGaming with the new partnership. They’ll focus on helping us create various different slot machine and video poker games for land based casinos. We promise to offer a new unique experience that’ll draw more players into land based casinos around the time. We look forward to seeing what this new partnership brings for both of our companies.”

The iGaming North America Conference is on their fourth year and will take place between March 19th and March 21st. The conference takes place in Las Vegas and it is now one of the top conferences for the gambling industry in the USA and around the globe. We look forward to seeing what else iGaming will release in their new year conference. We can only speculate that it’ll be amazing and bring new exciting things for land based gamblers.”

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