Ad Campaign Focuses On Federal Regulation of Online Gambling

The “American Group Coalition for Consumer and Online Protection” released an Ad Campaign is moving into a series of paid advertisements that will run them a bill of $250,000 in just the first phase. These Advertisements will express how online gambling can be beneficial to the USA and its citizens if it were to be legalized.

American Group Coalition for Consumer and Online Protection logo

The Coalition now has the support of the PPA, the American Gaming Association as well as MGM. The Coalition was created earlier on this year in order to combat Sheldon Adelson’s personal Coalition that focuses on stopping online gambling as a whole. As of right now the battle rages on with both Coalition’s releasing surveys, advertisements and more in order to fight one another.

A spokeswoman for CCOP, Kristen Hawn commented on the announcement of this new ad campaign saying, “As of right now we have finished everything involving Phase One. Phase two is still in the works but is close to being done. All three phases will work to further combat the banning of online gambling which is so strongly supported by Sheldon Adelson.”

She continued by saying, “Online gambling can help the United States of America in a great way. Through tax revenues the federal government would gain billions of dollars a year. That money could be used to pay off our deficit, better our school systems and so much more. Sheldon Adelson is fighting a battle that he cannot win. Even if online gambling is banned now, one day it will be legalized and regulated due to the tax revenues that can be made from it.”

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