The United Kingdom’s Online Betting Drops By 2%

The Gambling Commission for the United Kingdom released a new study which proves that online punters in Britain haven’t wagered as much money this year as online bets have fallen by 2%.

When looking at statistics for the U.K, it was found that only 40% chooses to gamble online. The majority of online players are male with only 10% being female. Those who do gamble online, with the majority being males, wagered their money on payday and decreased their wagers in-between pay periods. Those who are females on the other hand continued a steady betting rate thus allowing for them to wager the same amount throughout the entire month. Due to the males wagering all of their money within the period of a few days the amount of wagers being made dropped by 2%.

This study shows that online gambling in the United Kingdom is still a popular form of entertainment that brings in a large amount of profit for the country but it also shows that males are more likely to spend their money rashly instead of safely.

The study also showed that the majority of online punters preferred to gamble on their mobile devices, wagering more money on the go instead of wagering more money at home. 73% of online punters in Britain said that they don’t even gamble at an online casino anymore but instead have made the complete switch over to mobile gambling. Thus by showing a stronghold in mobile gambling.

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