Ten South Korean citizens arrested in Philippines

Police Authorities from the Philippines announced that they arrest ten individuals South Korean citizens who were involved in the operation of an illegal online gambling ring located in Manilla. This gambling ring primarily focused on video poker, blackjack, baccarat and keno.

The announcement of this raid came from the Senior Police Superintendent Officer Gilbert Sosa. He said that eight of those arrested were male and the other two were female. They were taken into custody from a luxurious apartment complex which they rented from in order to operate their illegal gambling ring. Police made connections between this gambling ring and another gambling ring that was recently shut down in South Korea. Officials from the Philippines believe that these individuals are the last surviving ten from the gambling ring in South Korea and that they moved operations to the Philippines in hopes that they wouldn’t get caught. Two of the suspects who were charged are fugitives in South Korea.

The group would use the Manilla illegal gambling website they owned to receive money from South Korean players, processing their money through banking and making payments back to players. During the gambling raid police were able to seize multiple computers, ID Cards, Networking Devices, Mobile Phones and more.

The authorities from the Philippines have yet to come out and speak about this case, release the names of the ten individuals arrested and let the public know what their punishment will be. As always when new details arise we will keep you updated on new developments.

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