State of Delaware wants online gaming live by year end

The State of Delaware and its Gaming division are hoping to see its internet gambling initiatives go live by September of this year. They also hope to have interstate gambling going live with other states like Nevada who also adopted recent laws to legalize online poker.

It was Vernon Kirk, the Director of state lottery in Delaware who made the announcement regarding internet betting. It was Delaware who became the first state to take the position of legalizing online betting in order to generate additional revenue. They had the foresight of understanding that this is something that would not go away and that it was better to have regulations in place and capitalize on internet betting versus miss the obvious opportunities it presents to the state’s coffers.

This was a proactive move to avoid the risk of dealing with other states in a competitive nature and the loss of that revenue. It also was seen as a positive move for its residence and will allow them the appropriate choices when it relates to gambling.

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