South Africa takes players winnings

The country of South Africa, specifically its National Gambling Board recently seized 40,000 rands that were won by a South African player. The winnings were won from a U.K based internet betting site and the confiscation was supported by the executive officer in charge of the S.A National Gambling Board.

Baby Tyawa stated that any type of gambling that is not licensed in S.A is illegal and an offense under criminal law in South Africa. The winnings have been placed in a trust account that is controlled by the National treasury department in South Africa. This is standard practise in situations such as these and it currently holds more than 3.6 million rand that has been taken from online gambling.
There is a large amount of people who live in South Africa that participate in online gambling through online casinos or other betting sites.The NGB has warned those who participate in this activity that they risk criminal charges and confiscation of their winnings as well as possible fines.

The player who has his winnings confiscated has sought legal counsel and has filed a civil case against the National Gambling Board. A demand letter has been sent and it appears this matter will go to court and the authority of the board will be challenged in these types of cases.

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