Multi-hand Blackjack Rules

multi-hand blackjackThere are many types of blackjack games in the blackjack community. One of these blackjack games are called Multi-hand blackjack, this version of blackjack allows you to play more than one hand at a time. If this sounds like a game you might want to play than you should continue to read on.

There are many versions of the blackjack multi-hand game. In this article we have listed some payouts and the rules for multi-hand blackjack.

How many decks are used? In the game of multi-hand blackjack you will always see that they use two regular decks of card.

How do the splitting rules work? You are able to split two cards but they can only be cards that are the same such as two times seven. You can also split any of your two cards that posses the value that has the same value. So these cards would be a queen, king, jack or a ten.

You have the ability in the game to split a hand three times but no more. This means you’d be playing the game to its fullest extent of four unique hands. If you split an ace in the game you will be dealt only one card and than your hand will stand.

What are the double down rules? You’re able to double down on two of the cards but this’ll mean you are forced to make another bet that is equivalent to your original. A fun part of the game is you can split your cards and than double down to.

Dealer Play: If the dealer is hitting a nice 17 hand than you’ll be sure to see the dealer looking for a blackjack hand, especially if he is holding an ace or a ten. If he does reach a blackjack he will show the rest of the players the hand and the game will be put to an end.

Casino’s that are land centered generally only shuffle a deck if they are two thirds done the shoe. Online casinos will always rearrange the cards before a game starts to insure equal chances to all.

The payout and house edge: Blackjack hands will pay a three to two. The insurance of winning the game bet pays a two to one. In multi-hand blackjack the house edge will base it on the rules that state it’s a 0.39%.


Hints and tips on multi-hand blackjack:

We highly recommend that if you are holding anything higher than a 17 and up that you do not double down but stand your hand because you’ll have a better chance of not losing your money this way. If you are holding a hand that is the value of eleven than double down regardless of what the dealer might be holding him self.

If by chance you are given a pair of aces that is a moment when you should split the cards. If you are offered with insurance in some blackjack games than flat out reject it because in a two deck game the insurance bet is very high compared to without it. You’ll see the bet is 6.796%.

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