Free Trip To Brazil From Lucky Nugget Casino

Microgaming released two new slots last month, already each one is gaining a lot of attention from punters and quickly becoming some of Microgaming most popular slots. One of those slots is Football Star, a 5 reel and 243 payline video slot. This slot offers multiple game features which include free spins, bonus rounds, wilds and multipliers. Twenty free spins is the maximum that be won through Football Star.


Football Star is one of the prime new slots that Lucky Nugget Casino is highlighting and in order to bring more punters into the casino Lucky Nugget is offering punters a special promotions designed specifically for Football Star. Lucky Nugget alongside Microgaming is offering a total of £16,000 for cash prizes and a trip to Brazil completely for free. This is by far one of the best promotions that Lucky Nugget Casino has ever offered to their punters.

The promotion will work just like any other promotion ever has. Every time that a punter bets twenty Euro’s they will have one entry placed into the grand prize trip draw to Brazil. This means every punter essentially has an equal opportunity at winning the trip. High rollers do have a better opportunity at winning the prize but the draw is random which gives every player the same opportunity.

All you have to do in order to be a part of this promotion is sign up with Lucky Nugget Casino and enter into this promotion.

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