Dutch Gambling Authority Working Closely With Other European Countries

The Dutch Gambling Authority Chairman Jan Suyver was at a radio station earlier on this week conducting an interview. During the interview the chairman announced that his gambling organization is working alongside several other European Countries. Each one of these several countries are joining Holland in the fight against illegal online gambling.

Speaking with a radio host at BNR Radio the chairman said the following, “We are set to sign agreements of cooperation with Belgium, Denmark and France. There is also an agreement with the UK that we have in the works right now”. The chairman continued on by saying that he wants to create an alliance between all of the European countries. This alliance would allow them to make online gambling safe, profitable and enjoyable for all. Members in the alliance would be able to convict anyone caught of illegal gambling activity.

The Dutch Gambling Authority plans to work closely with France, Belgium and Denmark. Once these countries and more all become aligned online gambling in Europe will become the most safe and secure around the world. This has been a goals of the chairman for more than a decade now and with it so close to being completed you can be ensured that the chairman is happy right now.

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