Doubling Down

One of the moves that you can make in the game of blackjack has the name doubling down. To make this simple for you this is just when you will place an additional wager on the hand you have which has the equal value to the amount of your original wager. This extra wager you place will gain you an extra card to play with.

Just like a lot of other blackjack games that are available to be played by the players of the online gaming industry these games have rules and regulations towards them that every player should read up on to ensure that they get the information they need in order to know what type of online casino game there playing at. You will see the rules and regulations of the game on the tiny edge of the screen. The common rules in double downing command that you double down on either or any of the two cards that are available. It can also be placed on 11, 10 or 9 respected hands.

Every new player will go wild for doubling down on their original wager as they think it’s such a great move to make but the truth of the matter is that there is only a few situations in which you can perform a double down. You should learn to master a couple of strategies in order to perfect your own version of it. If you do this you will find that your overall gaming experience will become better due to the increases in your game from these amazing strategies.

If you were to receive the card of eleven than that is the perfect time to make the double down play as it is a great bet not matter what. It won’t even make the slightest difference shall the dealer have an ace and even if the dealer is at the peak of his game that you will know he can’t possibly have the blackjack hand.

You should never split the pair of fives hand as this is a very normal situation that will occur when you are double downing. If the dealer is holding the card called week up than don’t double down ever. Only double down in situation if you’re absolutely positive that the dealer does not have either an ace or a ten.

If you receive the card of nine than you should instantly take a look at what the dealers card is as it will let you instantly know than that is the best move you could possibly make. You should always think everything through when you are doubling down on a nine though as the dealer could have a 6, 5, 4, 3 or a 2.

There is no feeling that is worth than when you make your very first wager in the game and it’s a double down but you fell short on chips or money and could not make the move you wanted to make. So when this happens within the game take a step back and think in your mind about how this will affect your first wager.

To put it simply you should always make sure that you will have enough money or enough chips that you can double down when you have to. It is the most basic strategy for any professional double downing player and if you follow this strategy you have the very best chance of getting the most out of your money.



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