888 Casino Releases iOS Mobile Casino

888 Casino, one of the most popular online casinos in the European Union and various other markets revealed earlier on in the weeks that they have released an iOS Mobile Casino for their punters. This is the first time that 888 Casino has entered the mobile realm of gambling but they are sure to succeed as they have done so online. Players will be able to experience their ever so popular Blackjack & Live Blackjack titles. There will also be a variety of other games include roulette, video slots and various other live casino games. This’ll give players plenty of choices in how they want to gamble at the new mobile casino.


It’s surprising as to how much is packed into this free mobile casino. Currently this app only allows for punters to play real money games through either their iPhones or iPads. There is also no word as to when 888 Casino will be releasing their Android compatible version or if they even will. Unlike using a computer all you will have to do is lightly tap your mobile screen and you’ll be able to gamble online. Registering through the app has become more simple than that of its online counterpart allowing for players to easily get onto the casino in a matter of two minutes.

Those wishing to sign up at this casino easily can do so, it should be noted that your account will work for both the mobile and online casino. This’ll allow for you to experience all of the Blackjack games 888 has to offer as their currently not all available on the mobile application.

Multiplayer Tournaments Future Of Online Blackjack

Online Blackjack has been one of the most popular forms of online gambling for nearly the last two decades. After such a long period of time there has been a number of changes to occur with online blackjack but it seems that once again another change will be making its way to online blackjack. Multiplayer Tournaments have been becoming more popular with each passing week for blackjack punters which has lead to the majority of online casinos creating new blackjack games around Multiplayer Tournaments.

The reason these multiplayer tournaments are becoming more popular amongst players is because it allows for an interactive experience like none other. You have multiple players positioned all around the world playing against you, it’s a competitive experience that is fun and exciting in the same moment. Analysts believe that when technology becomes more advanced within the next year to two you will begin to see a vast array of Live Dealer Multiplayer Tournaments which will allow for players to have ultimate interaction and make their gambling experience far more realistic.

Casinos such as 888 & Maple Casino are some of the few that have begun offering Multiplayer Blackjack Tournaments. Those wishing to play one of these tournaments can do so today by signing up with an online casino which provides their players with these tournaments. You will be required to register with a valid payment method such as a Debit Card or Credit Card & then make a deposit with that payment method before you play one of these tournaments.

Blackjack Added To myVegas Mobile Application

PlayStudios, a mobile betting firm known in Nevada for operating one of the best mobile social gambling applications available in the Nevada. Today PlayStudios revealed that they’ve added Blackjack as a playable game on myVegas. This information being revealed weeks after it was announced that Royal Caribbean Cruises & Station Casinos are partnering up with PlayStudios. It wasn’t confirmed then as to what they would be doing but today that information was revealed to players.

Royal Caribbean Cruises

This Blackjack game will be available in real play, this might surprise many as real play gambling on a mobile device in Nevada is only allowed with video poker. PlayStudios found a loop hole in the Nevada Mobile Gambling Laws, they offer special virtual coins which can be purchased for real money. Using those coins will allow for you to win casino credits at an online casino in Nevada, Show Tickets, Hotel Tickets or Concert Tickets. It’s a simple way to allow for punters in Nevada to gamble on the go instead of waiting to get home on their computer or go to a land based casino.

You can download the myVegas Mobile Application through the Android Play Store or the iOS App Store. The myVegas App is available for tablet play and mobile phone play, allowing for it to be experienced on nearly every tablet in the market. Players can now experience Blackjack on PlayStudios myVegas app and potentially win a long list of different prizes. Register an account on this mobile app today and have an incredible gambling experience.

Ben Afflek Admits To Counting Cards In Blackjack

Ben Afflek, a movie star famous for his roles in Daredevil and Good Will Hunting, a star currently filming as Batman in the new Batman Vs Superman film recently admitted to counting card in Blackjack during a recent interview. This didn’t come as a surprise to many as recently Ben was playing the tables at the “Hard Rock Hotel & Casino” in Las Vegas when he was caught counting cards, this resulted in Mr. Afflek being banned for life by several different casinos in Las Vegas.

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

This doesn’t mean that Mr. Afflek won’t be allowed to gamble at a land based casino ever again. He has already been seen playing at a number of different casinos in Atlantic City while filming for the new Batman Vs Superman film. These casinos are allowing for him to play for a number of different reasons. Mr. Afflek places big wagers and doesn’t always win, he brings more people to the casino and he works well with fans. He is all around good for business which these Las Vegas casinos fail to neglect. Even if they might lose a bit of money to Mr. Afflek, they’ll earn more through the free publicity he brings to the casino.

Mr. Afflek openly said during that interview that he feels it is unfair that these Las Vegas Casinos ban players who are good at Blackjack. It’s a game that requires skill and once players become good at the game their no longer allowed to play it at that casino.

Anti-Online Gambling Governor In Serious Trouble

A grand jury in Austin, Texas has indicated that Rick Perry, a governor for Texas is now being investigated for public corruption. The reason for this is because Governor Perry is opposed to legalizing online gambling and he has threaten to veto gambling funding for the state if he absolutely must have to. No governor in the United States of America has made this kind of threat before, people have believed that Mr. Perry is paid handsomely to keep his stance of not legalizing online gambling.


The state of Texas has now appointed a unique prosecutor who has more than enough talent to handle this investigation and anyone who tries to bribe him from prosecuting the Governor. Michael McCrum is the special prosecutor and will begin finding evidence to support his claims immediately.

Texans for Public Justice, an action group that sets out to have the rights of the public be heard were the ones who made a series of complaints against the governor. The spokesman for the Texans of Public Justice, Craig McDonald spoke to reporters saying, “We’re pleased that the grand jury determined that the governor’s bullying crossed the line into illegal behavior. The complaint had merit; serious laws were potentially broken.”

If Governor Rick Perry is fined to be guilty he will be sent to jail and face serious jail time for abusing his powers. This will result in one less government official trying to fight against online gambling legalization. This could end up being a big step towards the future of legalized online gambling in the United States of America.

75th Queen of the Pyramids Jackpot Won

What would it be like to win a massive amount of money? to know that you now can purchase the brand new car you’ve wanted or that you can buy a new home or take a vacation to a variety of tropical destinations such as Fiji. Playing the lottery or gambling at a land based casino won’t answer that question for you but gambling online could very well answer each one of those questions. This weekend that just passed answered those questions for one fortunate punter who was able to trigger a jackpot worth $146,278. This player was spinning the reels of Queen of the Pyramids, a video slot designed by Playtech Studios.


This marks the seventy fifth time that the Queen of the Pyramids jackpot has been triggered throughout the years. This is actually the second time that this jackpot has been triggered within the last thirty years. In return this only confirms that after all of these years this video slot continues to remain popular amongst the online gambling community. Queen of the Pyramids is designed around Ancient Egypt and one of their most ruthless leaders Cleopatra, spin the reels and potentially earn more wealth then the famed Pharaoh ever would have.

Queen of the Pyramids is a slot offered by dozens of online casinos. Each one of these casinos offers their punters the Playtech gambling platform. Creating a player account with an online casino that boasts the Playtech Platform will allow for you to experience Queen of the Pyramids, one of the best video slots known to the online gambling market.

Mobile Blackjack Preferred By Punters

mFortune, a popular provider of table based casino games for the online gambling industry conducted a study earlier on this month. This study was designed to show the percentage of how many Blackjack players prefer online gambling or prefer mobile gambling. It came to a shock to mFortune and the online gambling industry that mobile blackjack gambling is more popular than online blackjack gambling. mFortune interviewed a total of five thousand gamblers from around the world to get their findings on the study.

mFortune logo

James Goode, the former CEO of mFortune and now Independent Consultant for the well know mobile developed stated the following, “Throughout the years mobile gambling has been able to become considerably more popular than online gambling, I believe that the reason for this is because mobile gambling is that much more convenient compared to online gambling. During our study we were expecting to have the blackjack players we interviewed say that they prefer online gambling as Blackjack is still beloved by millions of people on the internet. We were blown away by the results and with this study now being finished you can be ensured that we will be releasing more Blackjack games to our loyal fans.”

The Independent Consultant was one of the main members in the party who interviewed these five thousand online gamblers and with his knowledge he will be able to consult mFortune on how to create better online blackjack gambling experiences. This is no easy task but Mr. Goode has already stated that he’s up for the task.

FedEx Saved From Blackjack Winnings

FedEx is the one of the first companies in the world to offer overnight delivery services. The company was the first of its kind and it quickly became one of the richest and most known companies in the world. Each year the company ships in excess of 1.2 Billion Packages. During its early days the company struggled financially but then went they into a period where the success came and placed them in a strong positon going forward.

fedex logo

Luckily for FedEx they were saved and not in the normal way you would suspect. Instead of being bailed out by the government, FedEx saw their own CEO Frederick W. Smith hit the Las Vegas Strip twenty years ago and win an incredible amount of money. The money he won was put into an investors’ interest banking account and throughout the years the interest in the account grew. That amount grew to such an amount that Mr. Smith was able to bail out his company.

Frederick W. Smith is the first CEO in Northern America to do such a thing versus being like so many large employers who often turn to local and federal governments to help save them from financial disaster or from potential layoffs. Mr. Smith couldn’t be reached for comment as this information was not commonly known nor does he wish to discuss the matter further. It is safe to say though that this is one of those interesting tidbits of information in a company’s history that many will look upon down the road. It is suspected not many others will follow that path either.

Hall Of Gods Jackpot Won At Mr. Green

Net Entertainment still remains as one of the top developers for the gambling market for one reason as they create slots that are incredibly fun to play and thus by those slots, gain a lot of player activity. This means that progressive jackpots can be won in a faster period of time and this allows for Net Entertainment to be highly regarded.  This statement is proven as a punter at Mr. Green triggered a progressive jackpot worth the total amount of €7,361,240 while playing Hall of Gods. This is a life changing jackpot win that any punter would be lucky to win.

Hall of Gods logo

Hall of Gods is a Greek Mythology themed slot that is designed as a 5 reel, 20 payline game. This game has multiple features which include wilds, scatters, free spins, bonus rounds and more. Each feature you trigger allows for you to have an increased opportunity at winning a large amount of money. One of the best things about this slot is that you get to see famous characters from Greek Mythology. Those characters include Odin, Thor or Idun.

The best thing about playing at Mr. Green is that you can choose to play their slots on the Desktop Platform, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Phone. Regardless of which platform you choose to play you will be immersed into the experience, you can be ensured that you will win large amount of money in a short period of time. All of you to do is play and try.

Free Trip To Brazil From Lucky Nugget Casino

Microgaming released two new slots last month, already each one is gaining a lot of attention from punters and quickly becoming some of Microgaming most popular slots. One of those slots is Football Star, a 5 reel and 243 payline video slot. This slot offers multiple game features which include free spins, bonus rounds, wilds and multipliers. Twenty free spins is the maximum that be won through Football Star.


Football Star is one of the prime new slots that Lucky Nugget Casino is highlighting and in order to bring more punters into the casino Lucky Nugget is offering punters a special promotions designed specifically for Football Star. Lucky Nugget alongside Microgaming is offering a total of £16,000 for cash prizes and a trip to Brazil completely for free. This is by far one of the best promotions that Lucky Nugget Casino has ever offered to their punters.

The promotion will work just like any other promotion ever has. Every time that a punter bets twenty Euro’s they will have one entry placed into the grand prize trip draw to Brazil. This means every punter essentially has an equal opportunity at winning the trip. High rollers do have a better opportunity at winning the prize but the draw is random which gives every player the same opportunity.

All you have to do in order to be a part of this promotion is sign up with Lucky Nugget Casino and enter into this promotion.