Bony dispels rumors

Swansea City has made an agreement with Eredivisie side Vitesse that will see Wilfried Bony be transferred over for the summer reports Sky Sports. The 24 year old striker has often been linked to other clubs in the U.K such as Newcastle and Arsenal.

Bony achieved thirty-seven goals in thirty six appearances with Eredivisie side Vitesse last year. This is impressive numbers that has generated much interest in his skills and capabilities. It is also rumored that the move will not be temporary but one that is a permanent move. This being stated by his agent who was quoted as saying “Wilfried Bony shall be going to Swansea. For how many years he will join the club have yet to be determined”

It is also reported that the club will be paying upwards to €12 million a season for the player making it one of the largest on its payroll. Once all details have been agreed to and sorted out it is expected that Bony will be the leading attacker for the club next season.

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