Ben Afflek Admits To Counting Cards In Blackjack

Ben Afflek, a movie star famous for his roles in Daredevil and Good Will Hunting, a star currently filming as Batman in the new Batman Vs Superman film recently admitted to counting card in Blackjack during a recent interview. This didn’t come as a surprise to many as recently Ben was playing the tables at the “Hard Rock Hotel & Casino” in Las Vegas when he was caught counting cards, this resulted in Mr. Afflek being banned for life by several different casinos in Las Vegas.

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

This doesn’t mean that Mr. Afflek won’t be allowed to gamble at a land based casino ever again. He has already been seen playing at a number of different casinos in Atlantic City while filming for the new Batman Vs Superman film. These casinos are allowing for him to play for a number of different reasons. Mr. Afflek places big wagers and doesn’t always win, he brings more people to the casino and he works well with fans. He is all around good for business which these Las Vegas casinos fail to neglect. Even if they might lose a bit of money to Mr. Afflek, they’ll earn more through the free publicity he brings to the casino.

Mr. Afflek openly said during that interview that he feels it is unfair that these Las Vegas Casinos ban players who are good at Blackjack. It’s a game that requires skill and once players become good at the game their no longer allowed to play it at that casino.

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