$145, 510 Caribbean Stud Poker Jackpot Won At Bodog

A lucky player was able to have a wonderful start to the end of their month when they landed on a jackpot win worth $145, 510 while playing Caribbean Stud Poker, a table game developed by RealTime Gaming. This game boasts a red poker table, regular poker cards and various seats for player avatars to sit in. The game feels realistic and boasts an experience that cannot be matched by RTG’s competition.


The jackpot was taken at Bodog, an online casino that is famous across the online gambling industry. Bodog boasts a variety of gambling services which includes Table Games, Card Games, Slots, Arcade Games and many more. You can play Caribbean Stud Poker at Bodog and receive a welcome bonus in order to better the amount of money you can wager with each hand.

Bodog made a statement regarding the win saying, “We love to see our punters win a large amount of money through any of our casino games. It brings great joy to know that we are able to help change the lives of dozens of punters by offering large progressive jackpots such as this one. We are unsure as to what the winning punter plans to do with the money he has won, we haven’t been able to reach him for a public comment as he wishes to remain anonymous to the public eye.”

You can play Caribbean Stud Poker at any online casino that boasts the RealTime Gaming Software.

Videoslots.com and Yggdrasil Gaming Sign Content Deal

Over the course of the last three months in 2014 Yggdrasil Gaming has been licensed out by a series of operators. The fourth operator to be added to that list in this short time span in Videoslots.com. The two operators signed a content supply deal with one another, this deal will allow for Videoslots.com to gain all of the 25 games developed by Yggdrasil Gaming. Any new games created by the developers will also be added to the casino.

yggdrasil gaming logo

The three other recent content deals made with Yggdrasil Gaming included Vera&John, Mr Green and LeoVegas.

Chief Executive for Yggdrasil Gaming, Fredrik Elmqvist commented on the deal during an interview saying, “Yggdrasil Gaming has a strict motto that we follow by. That motto is to make sure that we only license out our software to operators that have a strong vision on the future of online gambling. We want to ensure ourselves that we will remain in the market for years to come while at the same time still providing an innovative experience. Videoslots.com follows the same guidelines as our motto making them a perfect operator for our software.”

He continued on by saying, “We are delighted to offer the Yggdrasil Gaming experience to Videoslots.com and the three other operators who have licensed out our software this year. We firmly believe that each one of them will make the experience they offer through our slots unique in their own way. We just hope that their players enjoy the experience as much as the operators did.”

Ad Campaign Focuses On Federal Regulation of Online Gambling

The “American Group Coalition for Consumer and Online Protection” released an Ad Campaign is moving into a series of paid advertisements that will run them a bill of $250,000 in just the first phase. These Advertisements will express how online gambling can be beneficial to the USA and its citizens if it were to be legalized.

American Group Coalition for Consumer and Online Protection logo

The Coalition now has the support of the PPA, the American Gaming Association as well as MGM. The Coalition was created earlier on this year in order to combat Sheldon Adelson’s personal Coalition that focuses on stopping online gambling as a whole. As of right now the battle rages on with both Coalition’s releasing surveys, advertisements and more in order to fight one another.

A spokeswoman for CCOP, Kristen Hawn commented on the announcement of this new ad campaign saying, “As of right now we have finished everything involving Phase One. Phase two is still in the works but is close to being done. All three phases will work to further combat the banning of online gambling which is so strongly supported by Sheldon Adelson.”

She continued by saying, “Online gambling can help the United States of America in a great way. Through tax revenues the federal government would gain billions of dollars a year. That money could be used to pay off our deficit, better our school systems and so much more. Sheldon Adelson is fighting a battle that he cannot win. Even if online gambling is banned now, one day it will be legalized and regulated due to the tax revenues that can be made from it.”

The United Kingdom’s Online Betting Drops By 2%

The Gambling Commission for the United Kingdom released a new study which proves that online punters in Britain haven’t wagered as much money this year as online bets have fallen by 2%.

When looking at statistics for the U.K, it was found that only 40% chooses to gamble online. The majority of online players are male with only 10% being female. Those who do gamble online, with the majority being males, wagered their money on payday and decreased their wagers in-between pay periods. Those who are females on the other hand continued a steady betting rate thus allowing for them to wager the same amount throughout the entire month. Due to the males wagering all of their money within the period of a few days the amount of wagers being made dropped by 2%.

This study shows that online gambling in the United Kingdom is still a popular form of entertainment that brings in a large amount of profit for the country but it also shows that males are more likely to spend their money rashly instead of safely.

The study also showed that the majority of online punters preferred to gamble on their mobile devices, wagering more money on the go instead of wagering more money at home. 73% of online punters in Britain said that they don’t even gamble at an online casino anymore but instead have made the complete switch over to mobile gambling. Thus by showing a stronghold in mobile gambling.

Ten South Korean citizens arrested in Philippines

Police Authorities from the Philippines announced that they arrest ten individuals South Korean citizens who were involved in the operation of an illegal online gambling ring located in Manilla. This gambling ring primarily focused on video poker, blackjack, baccarat and keno.

The announcement of this raid came from the Senior Police Superintendent Officer Gilbert Sosa. He said that eight of those arrested were male and the other two were female. They were taken into custody from a luxurious apartment complex which they rented from in order to operate their illegal gambling ring. Police made connections between this gambling ring and another gambling ring that was recently shut down in South Korea. Officials from the Philippines believe that these individuals are the last surviving ten from the gambling ring in South Korea and that they moved operations to the Philippines in hopes that they wouldn’t get caught. Two of the suspects who were charged are fugitives in South Korea.

The group would use the Manilla illegal gambling website they owned to receive money from South Korean players, processing their money through banking and making payments back to players. During the gambling raid police were able to seize multiple computers, ID Cards, Networking Devices, Mobile Phones and more.

The authorities from the Philippines have yet to come out and speak about this case, release the names of the ten individuals arrested and let the public know what their punishment will be. As always when new details arise we will keep you updated on new developments.

US Attorney Predicts Future For 2014 Online Gambling Developments

US Attorney Jeff Ifrah is famous for his representation towards online gambling related cases in court. He has helped dozens of online casinos and gambling properties. He released his own predictions on what will happen with online gambling in 2014.

Jeff Ifrah, the Washington DC Based attorney wrote a post on his blog on what he felt believes to be the results of the US Gambling Market in 2014. The following posts are the major predictions that we believe will also come true within the new year.

Mr. Ifrah said that there will be player pool sharing deals between states that offer legal online gambling. He suspects that Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey will combine the three states as one so that there will be larger prize pools, competitive games, liquidity and larger progressive jackpots.

He continued on in his blog saying that the odds for California to legalize online poker is 50/50 as of right now. If and when online poker becomes legal in the state is unsure right now but if it is legalized California will become the most profitable state ever known to the USA.

Jeff Ifrah also suspects that the US Supreme Court will finally talk about and most likely approve the “Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act” which will allow for sports betting to become legal in the state of New Jersey which in return will allow for the state to grow considerably more in revenue.

Hasbro and Scientific Games Extend Their Licensing Deal

Scientific Games, a well known internet gambling software developer announced that they have extended their licensing deal with toy developer Hasbro. This will allow for the software developer to be given access to various new territories and brands.

The new agreement will extend the relationship between the two developed which was set to end at the end of 2013. The new deal will have the two companies working with one another until 2020 with the potential to renew the contract again until 2023. New licenses can include Transformers, Monopoly, G.I Joe and more.
The two companies made their first deal all the way back in 1997 when the online gambling market was still new and young.

Scientific Games Chief Creative Officer Steve Saferin commented on the extension saying, “We have loved being a part of the Hasbro brand for nearly a decade now. It is an honor to continue to work with them in the creation of new slot and casino games. Our long lasting relationship together as partners could last for more than two decades. We hope that the opportunities we receive from this extension will benefit both of our companies as they always have.”

The Senior Vice President of Hasbro Digital Gaming Mark Blecher also commented on the extension saying, “Expanding the time period of our licensing agreement will allow for us to continue to work closely with Scientific Gaming. We will be able to continue to provide online punters with the best experience available for our brands.”

QuickFire and BetTech Partner Up With One Another

Microgaming’s off shoot is QuickFire and today they announced that they’ve partnered up with BetTech Gaming. Allowing for all of the QuickFire casino games to be added to iplay8casino.com iplay8casino has used the BetTech software for sports betting for a long period of time, the sports betting software is available on iplay8’s mobile and desktop platforms.

Co-Found and International Chief Executive Officer for BetTech Gaming Mark Bosman commented on the new partnership saying, “The addition of the QuickFire platform will allow for us to strengthen and widen the BetTech product offering. This new joint venture will allow players to see our ambition to provide them the best gaming experience available on the internet. We plan on launching the majority of Quickfire’s casino games on launch day and the rest of them released in the next coming months.”

Head of QuickFire, Ashley Sandyford-Sykes also comment on the new partnership saying, “BetTech Gaming has always been a dynamic and professional company that provides a unique experience that has allowed for the African online gambling market to grow at a much faster pace. Partnering up with BetTech will allow for both of our companies to receive positive profits. We look forward to seeing how the African online gambling market reacts to our games.”

The Director of Dunia, Costa Giannakopoulos was the final one to comment on the release. “Our players have responded to the QuickFire casino games in a very positive manner. The introduction of the new casino games from QuickFire has also seen a huge growth in player account registrations.”

AGEM Partners Up With iGaming

iGaming, a North American software developer announced they have made a partnership deal with the AGEM (Association of Gaming Equipment Manufactures). The announcement was made at a international online gambling conference which is the best time iGaming could of announced their new partnership.

The Association of Gaming Equipment Manufactures represents a large portion of the international trade association. AGEM created slot machines, table games, card games and more for land based casinos. The majority of casino games you play at a land based casino worldwide has been created or influenced by AGEM.

The Executive Director for AGEM Marcus Prater commented on the new partnership saying, “The Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers (AGEM) now supports the iGaming with the new partnership. They’ll focus on helping us create various different slot machine and video poker games for land based casinos. We promise to offer a new unique experience that’ll draw more players into land based casinos around the time. We look forward to seeing what this new partnership brings for both of our companies.”

The iGaming North America Conference is on their fourth year and will take place between March 19th and March 21st. The conference takes place in Las Vegas and it is now one of the top conferences for the gambling industry in the USA and around the globe. We look forward to seeing what else iGaming will release in their new year conference. We can only speculate that it’ll be amazing and bring new exciting things for land based gamblers.”

Manhattan Poker Case Sentences TV Producer

Bryan Zuriff, a forty four year old television producer has been sentenced for his role in a massive high end illegal poker ring. This high end poker ring has celebrities, Russian mobsters, art dealers and high society folk all gambling with one another. Last month raids were taken place on this gambling ring and it lead to the arrest of multiple individuals. The majority of those convicted with illegal gambling pleaded guilty to their charges as they knew they’d already been caught.

Mr. Zuriff admitted that he was performing these illegal crimes to the US Federal Court. He admitted that he was a major contributor when it came to running the ring and that he also had a serious gambling addiction in need of help.

Federal Prosecutors wanted to have Mr. Zuriff sentenced to jail for one year. This didn’t fly by though as the judge in this case gave Mr. Zuriff the opportunity to live more freely. Bryan now has to live in his house for the next six months, afterwards he’ll have probation and 300 hours in community service. He’ll also have to pay a twenty thousand dollar fine for his actions.

Bryan Zuriff isn’t just a small time producer on TV though, his Showtime series Ray Donovan roughly averages more than 1.4 million viewers every single week.