PokerStars Adding Additional Blackjack

PokerStars, a poker/casino platform currently owned and operated by Amaya Gaming is once again adding additional blackjack titles. This came as a surprise as it was only a few weeks ago that this casino went through reconstruction, adding dozens of different casino games including blackjack and slots. None the less PokerStars was pleased to announce that in the upcoming days there’ll be eight more blackjack titles available for punters.


Even though there are more than ten different blackjack games available to be played on PokerStars as of right now, this isn’t considered a large variety in terms of other blackjack focused casino. This doesn’t mean that PokerStars won’t be able to rise up the occasion and provide additional titles in the future. It’s already in the works with various developers to have at least a dozen more blackjack titles released onto the platform by the end of mid-2016.

Unfortunately this expansion is only limited to the markets they operate in which includes Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and Canada., a website that pertains towards the needs of blackjack players have stated that their selection is growing but still blackjack players should venture off to different casinos in order to gain the most out of their experience.

PokerStars isn’t going to give up easily though. They’ve made plans to move their blackjack platform over to Android & Apple mobile devices. It’s clear that their broadening their range in order to become one of the powerhouse names in the online gambling industry once again. Whomever wishes to try these blackjack games will be pleased to know that a 100% match bonus awaits that’s worth double anything the punter deposits.

Realistic Games Added To LeoVegas

Realistic Games, a mobile & desktop software developer was pleased to reveal that they’ve entered a new content deal with LeoVegas. This new deal will have the full series of mobile games developed by Realistic ported to this online casino in the upcoming days.

Realistic Games

Realistic Games for those whom might not know is a developer which creates “Live Dealer Casino Games”, meaning that punters are able to interact to dealers through webcam and chat, giving a far more realistic gambling experience. Blackjack, slots and roulette games have all been created by Realistic Games & all of those games will be available in the next few days.

LeoVegas has been operating since September, 2012. Throughout the last three years they’ve dedicated themselves to mobile gambling, their mobile-first design approach has made an impact on the growth of the mobile gambling industry. This deal will only continue to pursue its growth as realistic gambling will now be available at the fingertips. These slots, blackjack and roulette games are being ported through the NYX OGS Platform.

Blackjack is slated to be the most popular title out of the three. The first mobile games to be created by this developed were Blackjack, the games have been fine-tuned like no other in the mobile market. This’ll give those whom wish to experience land based gambling in the palm of their hands the opportunity to do so. Unfortunately those who wish to play these blackjack titles must be located within the boundaries of the European Union.

48 Arrested during Gambling Raid

Asian Countries have become known for its illegal gambling operations, throughout the years it’s become a serious issue that law enforcement recently have been taking a serious issue. This was once again proven when Bali, Indonesia Law Enforcement announced that forty eight Taiwanese & Chinese Nationals have been arrested during an online gambling raid.

indonesian police

During this astonishing raid, police were able to obtain thirty five laptops, twenty seven mobile phones, eighty five WiFi Routers, fifty nine modems, memory sticks with evidence on them and a CCTV System. Police also stated that eight of those who were arrested were here illegally & will be deported back to their countries to serve their sentence there. The main game found to be offered through this crime syndicates online casino was video blackjack, this is common with these illegal casinos as table games are more favored than video slots. This raid has allowed for law enforcement to gain a series of new information regarding other illegal gambling operations through Indonesia as well as Malaysia. The information regarding Malaysia will be sent to their law enforcement so they can further that raid in the future.

Gambling is banned in these countries, this hasn’t stopped various crime rings from continuing to offer various forms of gambling throughout the country. The most evident being that they operate online casinos illegally, having thousands or more playing at their casinos from around the world not knowing that it is owned by a crime syndicate. Law Enforcement are winning the fight though and it’s expected that within the next three years all illegal gambling operations within Malaysia, Indonesia and various other countries will be terminated. This’ll require a large effort of the police’s behalf for this goal to be accomplished though.

301 Malaysian Gambling Sites Shut Down

The Malaysian Government & Law Enforcement have been hard at work to demolish any evidence of illegal online gambling within their country. Today it was announced by the Malaysian Multimedia & Deputy Communications Minister that within the first half of the year they’ve been able to shut down three hundred and one different gambling sites. This is an impressive amount to say the least that has put a dent in all illegal gambling operations within Malaysia.


A large amount of the websites effected from the various raids conducted by law enforcement during the last six months included table game based websites. This means hundreds of illegal punters are now without their online blackjack or poker. Datuk Jailani Johari, the minister revealed that out of the nine hundred and forty different applications that was sent to law enforcement only seven hundred are operating in an illegal manner. This means that within the first half of the year they’ve almost shut down nearly 50% of all current illegal gambling operations in the country. Law Enforcement plan on clamping down even harder within the next six months in hopes that they can shut down all illegal gambling sites and possible reside this issue once and for all.

The Malaysian Government & Law Enforcement have not been quiet in their efforts to eradicate illegal online gambling. They openly talk about it in hopes that it’ll spread fear to whomever else might be operating one of these sites. None the less it seems that these criminals aren’t willing to give up their illegal money which is why raids will be held on a more regular occasion. The Government suspects that within the next six months to a half and a half they’ll eradicate illegal online gambling

Evolution Gaming Enters Deal with Games Marketing

Evolution Gaming is one of the leading software developers in live based table games. It was announced today that this software operator has entered a content deal with Games Marketing. This deal will have the entire library of games owned by Evolution ported to Games Marketing’s platform.

Evolution has created an array of live blackjack, live poker and live roulette games that hundreds of thousands of gamblers around the globe have fallen in love with. Games Marketing used to offer their own proprietary software that ran live table games but unfortunately due to competitors their games weren’t making the cut. This is the reason as to why they’ve opted to licence out the Evolution Gaming platform & provide it through their own.

Evolution Gaming

As of this time, Evolution has noted that this new content deal will be good for the next six years with the option of extending it if the two firms agree to it in six years’ time. The online gambling market is in a time of change right now and a lot could happen within six years. It’ll be interesting to see as to where to content deal leads to in the next few years.

The games currently offered by Evolution are available to be played at casinos offering the Games Marketing platform. There will also be new games coming at the end of the year and additional games coming within the period of these six years. Those wishing to get in on the action on have to sign up an account with a casino offering the Games Marketing gambling software.

RealTime Gaming Releases New Blackjack Game


RealTime Gaming, a software developer that has been able to sustain a positive reputation in the industry since inception, has announced that they have just released their latest blackjack title. This blackjack game is called “Suit ‘Em up Blackjack” and it is currently available at any online casino supporting the RTG software.

There are a number of casinos offering this new game such as Grande Vegas. Many of those are currently offering a onetime special offer for this game releases. It is played like any normal version of blackjack would be. It has a side bet which allows for payouts of 60 to 1, this allows for increased profitable wins to say the least. It also offers a 2, 6 or 8 deck format and the house edge of this version is stated to be 2.68%. This essentially means that it has been designed to be more profitable for the player than the casino, which wil lappeal to all players, especially high rollers.

As of this point in time the new blackjack game is only available in two formats, players can choose to play Suit ‘Em Up Blackjack on the downloadable variant of the RTG software or the instant play web browser platform. We will inform you as to when the mobile version is going to be released to markets, whether in a broad release or specific markets only. Those wishing to try their luck at this game can do so at Grande Vegas or any online casino which best suits your gambling needs. All that is required is a valid payment method to deposit with.

Germany Punter Found Guilty For Illegal Gambling

The District Court of Munich has officially found an online gambler from Munich guilty of gambling online in an illegal matter. This player participated in an unlicensed public game in which he was playing online gambling, winning plenty of money through an illegal form and without paying taxes this is a serious crime. This player has been fined a large amount and all his funds since he first began gambling illegally online have been confiscated, never to return to him.


As of right now there is no word as to how this German punter was able to access an unlicensed public game & cheat the system so that he may win countless hands. It’s more than likely known by the authorities & District Court of Munich of how this man was able to commit these crimes. It would be dumb if they were to release that information as it would allow for other people to commit the same crime in the future. This player has had to pay a fine of 2,100 Euro’s and the 63,490 Euro’s found in his attic apartment was confiscated by the authorities. Now all that is left is for this man to begin his jail time in whichever prison he is located at. That information also won’t be revealed as this man has stolen thousands of Euro’s from casinos & players in Germany, he would be unsafe if his name was to be revealed.

We shall inform you of any new information revealed regarding this person’s jail time or release date in the future.

888 Casino Releases iOS Mobile Casino

888 Casino, one of the most popular online casinos in the European Union and various other markets revealed earlier on in the weeks that they have released an iOS Mobile Casino for their punters. This is the first time that 888 Casino has entered the mobile realm of gambling but they are sure to succeed as they have done so online. Players will be able to experience their ever so popular Blackjack & Live Blackjack titles. There will also be a variety of other games include roulette, video slots and various other live casino games. This’ll give players plenty of choices in how they want to gamble at the new mobile casino.


It’s surprising as to how much is packed into this free mobile casino. Currently this app only allows for punters to play real money games through either their iPhones or iPads. There is also no word as to when 888 Casino will be releasing their Android compatible version or if they even will. Unlike using a computer all you will have to do is lightly tap your mobile screen and you’ll be able to gamble online. Registering through the app has become more simple than that of its online counterpart allowing for players to easily get onto the casino in a matter of two minutes.

Those wishing to sign up at this casino easily can do so, it should be noted that your account will work for both the mobile and online casino. This’ll allow for you to experience all of the Blackjack games 888 has to offer as their currently not all available on the mobile application.

Multiplayer Tournaments Future Of Online Blackjack

Online Blackjack has been one of the most popular forms of online gambling for nearly the last two decades. After such a long period of time there has been a number of changes to occur with online blackjack but it seems that once again another change will be making its way to online blackjack. Multiplayer Tournaments have been becoming more popular with each passing week for blackjack punters which has lead to the majority of online casinos creating new blackjack games around Multiplayer Tournaments.

The reason these multiplayer tournaments are becoming more popular amongst players is because it allows for an interactive experience like none other. You have multiple players positioned all around the world playing against you, it’s a competitive experience that is fun and exciting in the same moment. Analysts believe that when technology becomes more advanced within the next year to two you will begin to see a vast array of Live Dealer Multiplayer Tournaments which will allow for players to have ultimate interaction and make their gambling experience far more realistic.

Casinos such as 888 & Maple Casino are some of the few that have begun offering Multiplayer Blackjack Tournaments. Those wishing to play one of these tournaments can do so today by signing up with an online casino which provides their players with these tournaments. You will be required to register with a valid payment method such as a Debit Card or Credit Card & then make a deposit with that payment method before you play one of these tournaments.

Blackjack Added To myVegas Mobile Application

PlayStudios, a mobile betting firm known in Nevada for operating one of the best mobile social gambling applications available in the Nevada. Today PlayStudios revealed that they’ve added Blackjack as a playable game on myVegas. This information being revealed weeks after it was announced that Royal Caribbean Cruises & Station Casinos are partnering up with PlayStudios. It wasn’t confirmed then as to what they would be doing but today that information was revealed to players.

Royal Caribbean Cruises

This Blackjack game will be available in real play, this might surprise many as real play gambling on a mobile device in Nevada is only allowed with video poker. PlayStudios found a loop hole in the Nevada Mobile Gambling Laws, they offer special virtual coins which can be purchased for real money. Using those coins will allow for you to win casino credits at an online casino in Nevada, Show Tickets, Hotel Tickets or Concert Tickets. It’s a simple way to allow for punters in Nevada to gamble on the go instead of waiting to get home on their computer or go to a land based casino.

You can download the myVegas Mobile Application through the Android Play Store or the iOS App Store. The myVegas App is available for tablet play and mobile phone play, allowing for it to be experienced on nearly every tablet in the market. Players can now experience Blackjack on PlayStudios myVegas app and potentially win a long list of different prizes. Register an account on this mobile app today and have an incredible gambling experience.