75th Queen of the Pyramids Jackpot Won

What would it be like to win a massive amount of money? to know that you now can purchase the brand new car you’ve wanted or that you can buy a new home or take a vacation to a variety of tropical destinations such as Fiji. Playing the lottery or gambling at a land based casino won’t answer that question for you but gambling online could very well answer each one of those questions. This weekend that just passed answered those questions for one fortunate punter who was able to trigger a jackpot worth $146,278. This player was spinning the reels of Queen of the Pyramids, a video slot designed by Playtech Studios.


This marks the seventy fifth time that the Queen of the Pyramids jackpot has been triggered throughout the years. This is actually the second time that this jackpot has been triggered within the last thirty years. In return this only confirms that after all of these years this video slot continues to remain popular amongst the online gambling community. Queen of the Pyramids is designed around Ancient Egypt and one of their most ruthless leaders Cleopatra, spin the reels and potentially earn more wealth then the famed Pharaoh ever would have.

Queen of the Pyramids is a slot offered by dozens of online casinos. Each one of these casinos offers their punters the Playtech gambling platform. Creating a player account with an online casino that boasts the Playtech Platform will allow for you to experience Queen of the Pyramids, one of the best video slots known to the online gambling market.

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