Germany Punter Found Guilty For Illegal Gambling

The District Court of Munich has officially found an online gambler from Munich guilty of gambling online in an illegal matter. This player participated in an unlicensed public game in which he was playing online gambling, winning plenty of money through an illegal form and without paying taxes this is a serious crime. This player has been fined a large amount and all his funds since he first began gambling illegally online have been confiscated, never to return to him.


As of right now there is no word as to how this German punter was able to access an unlicensed public game & cheat the system so that he may win countless hands. It’s more than likely known by the authorities & District Court of Munich of how this man was able to commit these crimes. It would be dumb if they were to release that information as it would allow for other people to commit the same crime in the future. This player has had to pay a fine of 2,100 Euro’s and the 63,490 Euro’s found in his attic apartment was confiscated by the authorities. Now all that is left is for this man to begin his jail time in whichever prison he is located at. That information also won’t be revealed as this man has stolen thousands of Euro’s from casinos & players in Germany, he would be unsafe if his name was to be revealed.

We shall inform you of any new information revealed regarding this person’s jail time or release date in the future.

888 Casino Releases iOS Mobile Casino

888 Casino, one of the most popular online casinos in the European Union and various other markets revealed earlier on in the weeks that they have released an iOS Mobile Casino for their punters. This is the first time that 888 Casino has entered the mobile realm of gambling but they are sure to succeed as they have done so online. Players will be able to experience their ever so popular Blackjack & Live Blackjack titles. There will also be a variety of other games include roulette, video slots and various other live casino games. This’ll give players plenty of choices in how they want to gamble at the new mobile casino.


It’s surprising as to how much is packed into this free mobile casino. Currently this app only allows for punters to play real money games through either their iPhones or iPads. There is also no word as to when 888 Casino will be releasing their Android compatible version or if they even will. Unlike using a computer all you will have to do is lightly tap your mobile screen and you’ll be able to gamble online. Registering through the app has become more simple than that of its online counterpart allowing for players to easily get onto the casino in a matter of two minutes.

Those wishing to sign up at this casino easily can do so, it should be noted that your account will work for both the mobile and online casino. This’ll allow for you to experience all of the Blackjack games 888 has to offer as their currently not all available on the mobile application.