Mobile Blackjack Preferred By Punters

mFortune, a popular provider of table based casino games for the online gambling industry conducted a study earlier on this month. This study was designed to show the percentage of how many Blackjack players prefer online gambling or prefer mobile gambling. It came to a shock to mFortune and the online gambling industry that mobile blackjack gambling is more popular than online blackjack gambling. mFortune interviewed a total of five thousand gamblers from around the world to get their findings on the study.

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James Goode, the former CEO of mFortune and now Independent Consultant for the well know mobile developed stated the following, “Throughout the years mobile gambling has been able to become considerably more popular than online gambling, I believe that the reason for this is because mobile gambling is that much more convenient compared to online gambling. During our study we were expecting to have the blackjack players we interviewed say that they prefer online gambling as Blackjack is still beloved by millions of people on the internet. We were blown away by the results and with this study now being finished you can be ensured that we will be releasing more Blackjack games to our loyal fans.”

The Independent Consultant was one of the main members in the party who interviewed these five thousand online gamblers and with his knowledge he will be able to consult mFortune on how to create better online blackjack gambling experiences. This is no easy task but Mr. Goode has already stated that he’s up for the task.

FedEx Saved From Blackjack Winnings

FedEx is the one of the first companies in the world to offer overnight delivery services. The company was the first of its kind and it quickly became one of the richest and most known companies in the world. Each year the company ships in excess of 1.2 Billion Packages. During its early days the company struggled financially but then went they into a period where the success came and placed them in a strong positon going forward.

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Luckily for FedEx they were saved and not in the normal way you would suspect. Instead of being bailed out by the government, FedEx saw their own CEO Frederick W. Smith hit the Las Vegas Strip twenty years ago and win an incredible amount of money. The money he won was put into an investors’ interest banking account and throughout the years the interest in the account grew. That amount grew to such an amount that Mr. Smith was able to bail out his company.

Frederick W. Smith is the first CEO in Northern America to do such a thing versus being like so many large employers who often turn to local and federal governments to help save them from financial disaster or from potential layoffs. Mr. Smith couldn’t be reached for comment as this information was not commonly known nor does he wish to discuss the matter further. It is safe to say though that this is one of those interesting tidbits of information in a company’s history that many will look upon down the road. It is suspected not many others will follow that path either.