Borgata Sues Phil Ivey over Baccarat Wins

Phil Ivey, a US Professional Poker Player is now being sued by Atlantic City based Borgata Casino. Borgata claimed that Phil Ivey alongside an associate cheated while playing Baccarat Row, winning a total of $9.6 Million from the online casino.

Phil Ivey

Mr. Ivey and his associate found a defect within the deck of cards. This in return allowed for them to arrange their hands in a certain way in order to win money. While they were gambling, Ivey and his accomplice were wagering $25,000 to $100,000 with each hand they made. This in return allowed for them to win large sums of money from Borgata.

Borgata stated that using this defect in the software to their advantage is a direct violation of the Online Gambling Regulations set by New Jersey. They said that this should make any winnings invalid instantaneously.

Kansas City took it upon themselves to collect all of the defective cards used in the same. A Judge than noted that Borgata’s responsibility is to offer realistic software and that by having this defect in their software isn’t Phil Ivey’s fault. Phil Ivey looks like he will be taking this case as well as the $9.6 Million that he was able to win.

Phil Ivey and The Borgata Casino has refused to make any comments regarding the lawsuit. The reason for this is because Borgata knows that Mr. Ivey will most likely win the lawsuit as it was their mistake in the software.

$145, 510 Caribbean Stud Poker Jackpot Won At Bodog

A lucky player was able to have a wonderful start to the end of their month when they landed on a jackpot win worth $145, 510 while playing Caribbean Stud Poker, a table game developed by RealTime Gaming. This game boasts a red poker table, regular poker cards and various seats for player avatars to sit in. The game feels realistic and boasts an experience that cannot be matched by RTG’s competition.


The jackpot was taken at Bodog, an online casino that is famous across the online gambling industry. Bodog boasts a variety of gambling services which includes Table Games, Card Games, Slots, Arcade Games and many more. You can play Caribbean Stud Poker at Bodog and receive a welcome bonus in order to better the amount of money you can wager with each hand.

Bodog made a statement regarding the win saying, “We love to see our punters win a large amount of money through any of our casino games. It brings great joy to know that we are able to help change the lives of dozens of punters by offering large progressive jackpots such as this one. We are unsure as to what the winning punter plans to do with the money he has won, we haven’t been able to reach him for a public comment as he wishes to remain anonymous to the public eye.”

You can play Caribbean Stud Poker at any online casino that boasts the RealTime Gaming Software.