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Welcome to Lucky Black Jack, we are your guide to the first steps towards becoming a Black Jack player. If you enjoy Black Jack, want to learn more about Black Jack or learn how to win on Black Jack, you will find all that information here.

Black Jack, a simple game with a great depth
Black Jack is a simple game to learn but it carries great mathematical depth that you can use to calculate the odds of which cards you are most likely to receive. This is known as card counting and most if not all casinos frown upon it and will ban you from their property if you are caught. It’s not illegal to count cards, but casinos quickly realized that card counting can turn Black Jack from a game of chance into a game of skill. Casinos in Las Vegas still remember when a group of students from MIT came in and used a card counting system they had developed. By the time they went home, they were banned from all casinos on the entire strip.

Online Black Jack or Live Black Jack?
When you play Black Jack in a regular casino you depend on there being a croupier available, you are also sometimes expected to tip the croupier (some croupiers have been known to shuffle the deck and deal bad cards for getting bad tips). There also tend to be lines forming on the available tables and you sometimes have to wait when you could be playing.

That is why we believe that Black Jack online is at least for convenience sake the best option for those of you that wish to add some of your own skill into one of the most popular card games in the world. When you play Black Jack online everything in the casino is automated, whether you are playing a single hand or multiple hands – it will still go just as fast. The only time the pace slows down is if you’re playing on an online casinos “Live Casino” feature or with a multiplayer feature on standard tables.

Play at any level you want
Regular casinos will often have a limit on their tables and this is usually a bit higher than in online casinos, because they have to pay the croupier and space needs to be available for the black jack tables. Online casinos don’t really have that problem since the entire game takes place in an exchange of secure information between your computer and the casino servers. This is for your benefit since you can play for bets as low as $0.10 per hand and up to $500 or in some cases $1,000 per hand.

Never play above your bankroll
When you play a game, any game – you should always keep in mind that you are playing correct with your bankroll. If you have deposited $100 you shouldn’t really go to the $100 table in Black Jack, it is better to play 1000 hands of $0.10 than 1 hand of $100. Trying to get lucky on a few hands will more often result in a loss than a win.

Choose with care
Even online they have to tell you how many decks are in use at a game, so pick something that fits your level of wagers and is suitable for your bankroll. For anyone choosing to use a card counting system, we recommend you proceed with care so you’re not banned from the casinos you visit.

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